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Level 1 – Mindset H.A.C.®: Learn how to improve your confidence every day

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For Families
“The programme is engaging and insightful. It is cleverly designed to help everyone direct it towards where they feel they can most benefit.” – Parent
For Schools, Further and Higher Education Institutions
“We are always telling children and young people to concentrate, to be more motivated and to be more confident. But when do they get taught how to actually do those things? That is what this programme does.” – Teacher
We help schools, further and higher education institutions to embed Me Power programmes into their culture. This makes it easier for everyone to flourish in a challenging world.
Me Power School Success
Our simple, practical and award-winning programmes make it easier for people to be their best in the challenging VUCA world. They are proven to: 1) improve exam grades; 2) enhance well-being; 3) improve Further and Higher Education entrance and course performance; 4) improve employability; 5) help people be their best in education and life.