Exam and revision success are the subjects of this Podcast special.

The Me Power Academy is for families, teachers and schools who believe in young people’s potential. You can sign-up for FREE for a limited period of time. Start today, see results fast and help your people flourish in the face of life’s challenges.

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The Me Power Academy is for families, teachers and schools who believe in young people’s potential. You can sign-up for FREE for a limited period of time. Start today, see results fast and help your people flourish in the face of life’s challenges.

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Podcast transcript

This is a special podcast about the new Me Power Academy. That’s the new online program for mobiles, tablets and desktops. It’s for families, teachers and schools who believe in young people’s potential. It’s for anyone who wants to help children, families, teachers and school communities be healthy, happy and their best. Me Power Academy will help people flourish and the face of life’s challenges.

We spoke to Me Power, Head of Education, Andrew Foster about the revision and exam period that’s now getting underway for many young people, whether it’s for GCSEs, A levels or other types of exams. There are a set of common challenges and issues to face.
We spoke to Andrew about how the new Me Power Academy can help young people overcome these challenges and succeed during this important time in their lives. We began by asking him what sorts of things that he experienced in his work with young people and their families as they start exam revision….

This is the last concerted period of time that most GCSE pupils will have him in which they have free reign to use the days to study the subjects they feel need the most attention. Often at this stage in the year, people can be feeling a little stalled in their lessons. They’re obviously the distractions of the people around them. The teachers do their best, but they can’t tailor every lesson to every single student in the room, if there’s 25 to 30 of them. So, all of these are vital for young people securing that knowledge, practicing the skills that they need in order to fulfill that potential in, in this summer’s GCSE exams.

Now the Me Power program has a wide range of content to support effective revision and this is drawn from programs which have been successfully implemented and proven to be successful in real classrooms in schools. But before we talk more about that, tell us about some of the things you’ve seen in classrooms and some of the potential issues that can crop up in a revision period.

I’ve seen a range of responses, some young people try to pack two years worth of learning into two weeks and that goes as you, as you would imagine….not very well. We see some young people say, right, I’m going to, I’m going to do really well this Easter but not today….and not the next day. And before they know it, it’s the last day of the holidays and they have barely touched their books , there’s a bit of a meltdown. We see families really, at each other’s throats because they’re parents that are desperate to see that their sons and daughters do really well and they come home from work and they see their son or daughter slumped on the Sofa and they, they, they haven’t been doing the revision that they, they know that they need to do. So it is a really difficult time for a lot of families. There are very few families that I’ve come, I’ve come across who before they’d been working with us are entirely satisfied with how revision goes. When it comes to preparation for exams. There’s, there’s always an issue. Even if, , even if the, the young person is doing well in some regards, there’s almost always, , something that, , that they know could be, could be better and stay looking for solutions. And, and very often, , they, they, they aren’t receiving them from, , from anywhere else.

Andrew, talk to us about what makes for good revision then and the concepts that underpin good revision and such things in the Me Power Academy program…..concepts like spaced learning for instance.

That’s what the Me Power Academy does. It teaches, the people who engage with it, whatever their rate, why it’s difficult to use time as we would wish to. Why it’s difficult to get ourselves to do, , the rep, the revision, the learning that we, we know we want to. And then how to actually go about getting yourself to, to make better use of your time. And it’s really fantastic seeing young people flourish when they, they use these techniques. So I’m really excited to see, , but Me Power Academy gives even more young people all across the country the opportunity to use these techniques and to, to flourish in a similar way.
And as we’ve highlighted, revision can take place over a long, drawn out period of time, over many weeks and even months. How does the Me Power Academy suggest people tackle a period of time such as that?

The crucial thing of Me Power Academy is that he’s teaching, like you said, spaced learning, teaching young people how to design their revision in such ways to make it more effective and more efficient , teach them how the brain learns and what techniques they can use to, to make sure that if they, you know, for every hour they spend learning, revising, they get the maximal benefit. , and when, when you faithful, you know, when, when you, when people do this, it’s remarkable. See, see, see the, the improvement that they make. A really interesting to receive emails from people saying, I, I haven’t met you but I’ve met, met someone that you’ve worked with. , they taught me the strategies, they share these strategies that I’m using. These are my university degree. It’s, it’s crucial that young people understand the most effective ways to revise in order. , so to have the challenge of reaching up central when it comes to the examinations.

So, so tell us more then Andrew about how Me Power will help people structure revision correctly in the fine detail. Explain that more to as if you would.
Well that’s the beauty of the Me Power Academy is that it is available at the times that you want for as long or short periods of time as you want. You, , it’s, it’s incredibly engaging. It’s, , it’s, it’s easy to understand it yet the inside is really powerful and drawn from the best science. Alan’s people, young and old can sit down, give her, using the program can get a better understanding of the, the, the qualities, the skills that they need to tackle this revision and then actually do practical things to, to, to make sure that they’re using the time that they have, , two best effects, , actually changing, not just what we know, which is, you know, starting point. , but changing what we do, changing our, our scales. And in the end developing really helpful, happy that main learning takes place.

Not just this one off, but leading up to, to the examination. , beyond just that’s what we really want. , if young people have GCSE, so Naylor falls this summer that it might seem that that’s the be all and end all, but you pick up on sustained results in August. That’s not the, it’s not a film. You don’t have like the credits rolling and the three going in black. Then the question is right, what we’re going to do with these funds, I sit results. What’s the next step? Are we going to go into the working world? Are we going to go on to the university and an I’ve away what you’ve learned on the Me Power Academy. , we’ll, we’ll help you with those next steps as well. You’ll have to catch her understanding of yourself and a better understanding of how to set about whatever challenges you face down the line.

So in that sense, then it not only outlines the correct habits and for productive revision, but the program has a real legacy for young people as well. Would you say?

Anyone who takes part in the Me Power Academy will learn strategies that are, are drawn from the best science, the best research. And not only that, but we have used and improve with now tens of thousands of equal, , across the country. It coming from all sorts of backgrounds, all sorts of different aims, all sorts of different challenges. But what they’ve got in common is they are the same species that brains are more similar than they are different and techniques such as just 20, 20, which is a fantastic conversation starter Isti how we actually divide or part time, what a day of revision looks like. , as proved incredibly helpful to see young people who otherwise would have been rather directionless, , to two parents who recall their own time revising and, and realized that actually things are different now, , with in a world of, of mobile connectivity, , Internet means that there are far more distractions for young people when they’re trying to revise than previously.

And we need to in effect push back stronger and, and, and things like 20, 20, that the people who take part in the Meat Power Academy we’ll learn, can help them to sue, make use of say the, you know, those stools, we’ll have 16 days, some will have more for this Easter holidays. , everyone will have the nine days of the, , of the, the May half term in which to prepare for the exams that, that follow the, it’s not easy to, to, to use that, that, that solid chunk of time unless you’ve got techniques that enable us to, to, to divide it up, think about what’s going to be best for our concentration and our motivation and, and as a result, start to, , start to move learning on the progress across those, across those hours and days and weeks.
And talk to us also if you would about some of the detail at the Me Power Academy program goes into to help people maintain the correct habits and lifestyles to be effective in the revision and exam context.

Yes, that’s absolutely right Andrew , the third thing is that as, as its thbs all around the country, not just still students but university students as well as where you come into the exam period, that is a time where their sleep gets worse, their diet gets worse. I stopped exercising. That’s understandable because it stands, young people aren’t explicitly taught how crucial those three things are. A steady diet and exercise to successful learning, successful revision. So sort of successful exit automation performance. Anyone who takes part in the Me Power Academy will be left in no doubt as to how crucial these are. See success. And they will not just have that. They will also house powerful techniques to help them self watch each of these, , week crucial, crucial aspects of their life and improve them, adjust them, make the small adjustments that make all the difference, , over over the region periods into the examinations. , that’s, that’s can be absolutely key. We can, we can have fantastic revision. If our sleep or diet or exercise, , not where they should be, then we’re not going to attain our potential. So I really lucky. I’m looking forward to, to seeing people how old cells fries, not just in the example but in their wives’ lives using the [inaudible] power Academy.
The Me Power Academy is now available. There are options for families and for schools and teachers. You can gain free access to certain sections for a limited period of time. Go to mepoweracademy.co.uk to find out more.

Andrew, let’s now discuss exam performance. We’ve talked about preparation and revision, but of course exams are highly pressurized event and that brings a series of challenges for everyone. Talk to us then about how young people can ensure that they are performing well on the day of and examine and how they can prepare for that using the Me Power Academy.
We know, , it’s a, it’s a common trope amongst, amongst everyone the, the, the example nightmare years after who’s ever sat in a, in an exam hall is a, is a lateral, it’s an artificial environment. , one which we haven’t evolved to, to deal with. Well, it’s absolutely crucial that not just the pupils, not just the students, but parents and teachers on some why it is so difficult to, to accels do yourself justice, to, to reach your potential when you’re in the examination hall, what the challenges are. And then to have some simple practical techniques to, to, to respond, , and, and actually, and not just respond, but to be proactive and to going to those examinations, knowing knowing that we might have excess stress. Knowing that, actually for some of our later exams, we might not be stressed enough.

And knowing you start feeling stressed when it comes closer to results day when there’s nothing more to be done about it. So people using the Me Power Academy, will learn all that and will get opportunity to practice managing their, their stress, managing what we call that activation. , which is a crucial skill that can be deployed in any subject, any person who is better at managing their activation, who is able to, to move it up when they feel it’s too low. So music down when they feel it’s too high, he’s going to do better than a person who has no way of this, of this and no means of, of controlling it. I’ve been delighted when I was doing working with young people to see them actively using the techniques that they’ve been taught, that they have learned in order to, , best to deal with stressful situations, situations where they feel under most faces, that deliberately managing that motivation and, and seeing it as something that they can influence rather than something that just happens to them.

Me Power Academy also provides guidance on creating, , a specific presence of mind and a specific state of readiness, if you like, so that young people react in the right way in, in the pressure of an exam. If they experienced some adversity, perhaps, , a question they’re not expecting or perhaps something they’ve prepared for a no, but it’s not presented in the way they’re accustomed to and that is potentially a stumbling block for a successful exam. , so tell us about how the Me Power Academy can help young people tackle that and prepare for that.
I find it frustrating when I hear some people in the education sphere talk about how there’s no generic learning skills. There’s nothing that’s common across the subjects. That’s a nonsense. , there are, there is plenty that’s similar. I won. One of the crucial things is that it doesn’t really matter what subjects is what we see. And this is evidenced in the, like some of those reports, most teachers who’ve ever marked an exam, whether it’s internal or external, will tell you, , when students, when pupils reach, , a question that they find difficult, that they find challenging, that we often it has a, , a pretty disastrous catastrophic effects. Not only do they not attempt that question or make poor attempts on that question their performance on subsequent questions, even though their proof, their prior performance would suggest they should be garnering good marks on them is often a very poor.
And so what’s, what’s clearly happened is the, the, the soft question, whether it’s a tough group physics question itself, history question, that’s tough chemistry question that the subject isn’t important. What is important is the impact on our confidence and our stress that , hissing that, that sort of question, , as hat now what we do have is now hundreds of thousands of young people who have worked with us, who I’ve learnt, , practice the techniques that the Me Power Academy, , we’ll, we’ll see each as well. , they are able to see those tough questions coming. They already know how they’re going to manage themselves through it. They already understand about the brain and why sometimes when we look at a question and we know we know the answer but we can’t recall it, we can’t get it down on paper. They know why that isn’t actually, , the end. , the, , there’s good reasons to think they, they might be able to recall the answer before the end of the examination of why because we’ve explicitly taught them or we’ve taught them how to use that in all their subjects.

Now as we conclude this podcast, it’s worth reminding people that Me Power Academy is available online. There are options for families, for schools and for teachers. It’s free for a limited period of time to access certain sections. , Andrew, the techniques we’ve discussed, , have been proven to boost revision and exam performance, , in many schools, in many classrooms. , you must have happily a number of success stories that you’ve experienced.

Yes, absolutely. Andrew. , thinking of a GCSE pupil we were working with and he’s also lucky with his mom. She wanted him to do well but was also a rather worn down by, having to keep on at her son. And her reflection at the end of the program was, I can’t believe it’s the same boy. And what had happened is he’d used the, the techniques that we, a tool, same like wilkow stories, , like, , the, , fam story. So boost these motivation. And so he was starting to actually take on some of, , that, that role of reminding himself. So he was, he was drawing his attention to why he need his work on his gccs, what was in it for him. He knew how to do it.

And he knew how to get himself to do it. And as a result, both he and his mom, where we’re delighted with the, with the subsequent change, they got on the lot better in the run up to the examinations. , he was able to do the examinations and feel likeat he’d done himself more than justice. And then when the results came out, they got nice surprise because they were way and beyond, , what his teachers have predicted for him. , and, and we would expect that because the brain, neuroplasticity indicates that our abilities aren’t fixed. , when we pay attention to things, we, we learned them. , so it, it shouldn’t be a surprise that when we teach and people, , when we teach people of any age, these skills, they flourish, their performance improves and they’re happier and they are healthier. So it’s been brilliant seeing this, , when, when working with people are just really looking forward to, to seeing the Me Power Academy help people all over the country, how people, , wherever they are, whenever they’re able to engage, they’ll be able to learn these techniques, , gain straightened standing of themselves and the challenges they face and, , be able to set about them in a, in a purposeful a follicle way. The that results in better learning performance and better well-being for everyone involved.

Me Power Academy is the new online program for mobiles, tablets and desktops. It’s for families, teachers and schools who believe in young people’s potential to find out more information and gain free access for a limited period of time. Go to mepoweracademy.co.uk Thanks for listening.