The Me Power Academy supports pupils, parents and teachers to develop well-being and improved exam results. It makes it easier for everyone to be their best.

This video shows how the engaging content, in our easy-to-use online programme, helps everyone understand and develop new helpful habits. In this video we show the importance of understanding how focused practice can improve your ability to get better at anything.

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Most significantly focused practice can help us improve well-being and exam results; and anything that is important in education and life. This can help anyone to be healthy, happy and fulfil their potential.

However our A.P.E. Brain can stop us doing the focused practice that we need for school success. The Me Power Academy programme helps everyone identify these problems and issues. It shows how we can overcome them.

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The Me Power Academy makes it easier for everyone in your family or education community to be healthy, happy and at their best in the challenging world. Significantly, the easy-to-use online programmes were created by Dr. Jon Finn and his team at the awarding-winning Tougher Minds consultancy. Their programmes help GCSE and A Level students achieve good grades.

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