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Building helpful habits will help us achieve our education and life goals.

Look at this short sample video. It shows how the Me Power programme makes habits easy to understand. The full animation shows even more about developing helpful habits. You can access that in the Foundation and Enhanced Memberships.

To learn more about building helpful habits watch this video:

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A parent praises our programme.

“Compared to hiring tutors, whose expertise is limited to individual subject areas and whose influence is limited to the time they spend with the [young person], this [programme] is far more cost-effective and impactful.”

a parent describing the Me Power programme.

What impact do habits have on us?

Significantly, science shows that at least 98% of what we do and think is a habit. This includes basic body functions and decision making. For instance, breathing and reading are unconscious habits. Sitting and eating are also the same.

We readily adapt to this because it saves time and energy. Whilst we can develop helpful habits, unfortunately many of our habits can become unhelpful for health, happiness and performance. This is because our A.P.E. Brain can be dominant. It encourages us to take the easy way. However, we can use Will Power to fight this.

Watch Me Power founder Dr. Jon Finn explain more about developing helpful habits 

Building helpful habits – how does Me Power support this?

Me Power Academy is an easy-to-use online programme. It is for parents and families who believe in children’s potential. It is for teachers, personal tutors and schools. Also, it is for further and higher education institutions.

Me Power is for every stage of education and life. It works on smart-phones, tablets and also desktop computers. Above all, the programme makes life easier for families and education communities.

Helpful habits

It helps everyone to be healthy, happy and at their best in our challenging world. Significantly, this also includes building helpful habits. Users tell us they experience positive results very quickly.

Me Power was created by Dr. Jon Finn and the Tougher Minds team. Tougher Minds is an award-winning consultancy. Most importantly, they help people build helpful habits and improve their lifestyles. They also help young people improve exam grades.

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