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Families can help their children and young people to improve motivation for schoolwork, study and exam revision. Furthermore, this process does not have to be challenging. There does not have to be endless nagging in the family home.

Many parents tells us how unhappy the exam preparation process can be. They say it is challenging for everyone. Parents and children can experience animosity and bad feelings. Most significantly, precious revision time can be wasted.

The problem arises because many parents understand the importance of working hard for exams, in contrast their children do not. If we understand why, we can do something about it. We can improve their motivation.

This parent highlights how our programmes have improved her son’s motivation.

“As soon as he comes through the door, he just wants to crack on with his homework. I can’t believe it’s the same boy.”

Want to understand how young people’s motivation supports exam and school success?

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How does practice boost motivation?

Children can lack motivation. Many are reluctant to put effort into their schoolwork and study because they do not believe it will make a difference.

And we can all be quick to write ourselves off, if we see others doing better than us at anything. Significantly, this leads to children saying things like: “I haven’t got a good brain for maths” or “I will never be as good at English as my friend”.

We can improve anything we practice - including motivation and confidence.

This is why it is important that both children and parents learn about neuroplasticity. This is our brain’s ability to change and develop. Because of this, we can improve anything we practice. It may take time and we may not overtake other people. But what is important is that we are getting better.

To harness this insight, to improve motivation, do the following. Keep evidence of your child’s improvements. We mean things like old handwriting tests and maths questions that they used to find hard but now complete easily. These examples will show them their brains have changed over time. More focussed practice will make it different again and create more improvements.

If you want your child to increase their understanding of neuroplasticity, and hence increase their motivation for working towards academic and life goals, Me Power Academy offers a fantastic solution.

Professor Jim McKenna explains the science behind Me Power.

How does Me Power support study and revision?

Me Power Academy is an easy-to-use online programme. It is for parents and families who believe in children’s potential. It is for teachers, personal tutors and schools. Also, it is for further and higher education institutions.

Me Power is for every stage of education and life. It works on smart-phones, tablets and desktop computers. Above all, the programme makes life easier for families and education communities.

The dart of motivation

It helps everyone to be healthy, happy and at their best in our challenging world. Significantly, this also includes helping families to motivate their young people for exam revision and study. Users tell us they experience positive results very quickly.

Me Power was created by Dr. Jon Finn and the Tougher Minds team. Tougher Minds is an award-winning consultancy. Most importantly, they help people improve motivation and build helpful habits. They also help young people improve exam grades.

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