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Good sleep is so important for young people’s development and well-being. But if you are fed up of your teenager only emerging from their bedroom at lunchtime during the summer holidays, you are not alone.

It is even more galling to see those curtains closed into the afternoon when there is glorious sunshine outside. Likewise, if Xbox and Snapchat seem to soak up all your son or daughter’s time in the evening, there are ways to make positive changes without a blazing row.

How does good sleep effect the teenage brain?

We understand the brain is a survival mechanism. It is hard-wired to save energy and gain fast rewards. It does not matter if these offer no long-term benefit.

Unfortunately, lying in bed, scrolling through smartphone apps or playing games deliberately designed to deliver dopamine hits (a.k.a. natural highs), does this very well.

Teenagers often defend their lie-ins. They insist they need their sleep. But if electronics are in their bedrooms, that sleep will almost certainly be low quality and disrupted.

Good sleep boosts well-being and willpowerMany parents see amazing improvements in their children’s use of free time if young people remove phones and electronic devices from their bedrooms. They sleep better and feel incentivised to get up and get going each morning.

Further to this, their mood improves. They are more likely to take part in family activities, more helpful around the house and generally more energetic.

How to combine good sleep with the power of planning?

In addition to a good night’s sleep,  we can also use our Focused Timeline to create specific plans for the summer.  We can ensure young people have a better balance of rest, relaxation and enjoyment. They can also make progress in important activities, whether these are academic or extracurricular.

Level Four of the Me Power Academy explains more about this. We have seen for ourselves that when families use these techniques, they are happier, healthier and higher performing. It is not too late to make Summer 2019 the best yet.

How does the Me Power Academy improve lifestyle habits?

Me Power Academy – our easy-to-use online programme – can help families achieve good sleep. It is for parents and families who believe in children’s potential. It is for teachers, personal tutors and schools. Also, it is for further and higher education institutions.

The programmes are for every stage of education and life. They work on smart-phones, tablets and desktop computers. Above all, the programmes make life easier for families and education communities.

They help everyone to be healthy, happy and at their best in our challenging world. Significantly, this also includes helping families to enjoy good sleep and improve diet and exercise habits which boost exam revision and study. Many users say they experience rapid, positive results.

Me Power was created by Dr. Jon Finn and the Tougher Minds team. Tougher Minds is an award-winning consultancy. Most importantly, they help people improve motivation and build helpful habits. They also help young people improve exam grades.

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