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To build improved confidence to perform well at school and in exams, it is important to help young people develop a mindset that they can improve. Science shows us that our brains can change, so nobody’s abilities are fixed.

However, building confidence can be difficult. That means our A.P.E. Brain® and H.U.E. make us question if we really can improve. They can often make us give up too easily.

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What do we need to build improved confidence?

We need to understand how to use Will Power to take control of our confidence and how this helps us manage our emotions in any given situation.

Emotions can be helpful, or unhelpful. For example, it can be helpful to be angry with ourselves for a short period if we haven’t given our best efforts on a task, and failed as a result. On the other hand , it can be unhelpful to be angry if we did our best but the result was not what we wanted.

People who successfully manage and build improved confidence do not dwell on such unhelpful emotions and thoughts for too long. And they are able to refocus onto more helpful thoughts.

“[The Me Power programme] provides a voice that teenagers are more likely to listen to. They can’t argue with the science.” – a parent.

In order to improve this emotional management process and build improved confidence, we need to remember that because the A.P.E. Brain® is so powerful we will experience unhelpful emotions. But the faster we can use the H.A.C. Brain and Will Power to move past them onto helpful emotions, the less problematic they will be for our health, happiness and academic performance.

Improved Confidence

We need skills to build improved confidence

In order to use the H.A.C. Brain and Will Power to build improved confidence we need to develop a series of specific skills. The Me Power programme has a high effective method for developing and deploying these. Significantly, it includes tactics to manage our emotions by writing them down and learning from previous successful experiences.

Improved confidence – how does Me Power support this?

Me Power Academy is an easy-to-use online programme. It is for parents and families who believe in children’s potential. And it is for teachers, personal tutors, schools and further and higher education institutions.

It works on smartphones, tablets and also desktop computers. Above all, the programme makes life easier for families and education communities.

Me Power helps everyone to be healthy, happy and at their best in our challenging world. Significantly, this also includes modules on improved confidence. Users tell us they experience positive results very quickly.

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Me Power was created by Dr. Jon Finn and the Tougher Minds team. Tougher Minds is an award-winning consultancy. Most importantly, they help people build improved confidence and improve their lifestyles. They also help young people improve exam grades.

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