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Parents rightly want their children to gain inspiration to improve exam grades and educational performance. They want them to be motivated to strive for better. 

And recent international sporting successes are often cited as inspirational moments that can be harnessed by everyone. For instance, many young people are likely to take up sport after seeing the performance of England’s women footballers and the men’s cricket team. So it is useful to consider how parents can channel such excitement more broadly to support positive change in their children’s lives and education.

“We are always telling children and young people to concentrate, to be more motivated and to be more confident. But when do they get taught how to actually do those things? That is what Me Power does.” – Teacher

Use inspiration to improve exam grades

Inspiration can lead to school success but we need to know how to harness it effectively.

How can families use inspiration to improve exam grades?

We need to recognise that gaining personal motivation is a necessary component of success, but it is not enough on its own. The extensive research that underpins our Me Power Academy and Tougher Minds programmes is clear on this. 

For example, in cricketing terms, a young person inspired to pick up a bat after Sunday’s epic World Cup Final will only become a good player if they persist with focused practice. They need to add new knowledge and skills to their newly discovered desire.  Most importantly they need to combine inspiration with persistence.

This module of the Me Power Academy explains much more about using practice and focus to successfully learn and develop. Here is a short excerpt: 

What helps us develop and improve?

Personal motivation is only one of what we call the Tougher Minds Change Factors. Furthermore we gained this insight via our extensive academic research and successful work with many parents, schools and pupils. Signifcantly, this understanding is crucial if you want to use  inspiration to improve exam grades.

And without other Change Factors such as Triggers, Rewards and Penalties and Social Support, any inspiration is likely to be short lived. Triggers can be external (from other people) or internal (from yourself). Rewards and Penalties relate to the potential benefits of a course of action (i.e. parental praise for completing homework or understanding that poor grades might mean loss of career opportunity).

What is social support and how does it help us to harness inspiration to improve exam grades?

And Social Support refers to how a family can help their young people to persist and keep focus. Understanding these concepts and their practical application is key to using personal inspiration to improve exam grades and educational performance.

Improve exam grades

A personal example of how to capitalise on inspiration

One Year 10 pupil who we have worked with is also a keen cricketer. He has made good use of the Me Power knowledge and skills we helped him develop. He uses these successfully at school and in his chosen sport. Apparently senior members of his cricket club have asked him for advice. They saw his batting and bowling averages improve. After that they wanted to know his secrets. 

So if you have a son or daughter who has previously shown interest in becoming better at something, but that interest has quickly waned, the Me Power Academy is just what you need to help them persist and perhaps also harness this inspiration to improve exam grades.

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