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School transitions can be challenging. If your children are moving schools this September then you might find it difficult to have a stress-free summer.

With new surroundings, new people and new pressures like extra lessons and more homework, even adults can struggle to adjust.

How can Me Power support school transitions?

For several years now, we have been helping pupils, parents and teachers to better manage this key step-up between school years. The insights and techniques that underpin the Me Power Academy are vital to success.

Many well-meaning parents and schools make a major error. But it is one that is very understandable. For instance, when they see children struggling with new organisational skills and challenging work, their natural instinct is to help.

School transitions BBC phone-in

Source: BBC Radio 4 ‘Women’s Hour’ online.

The BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour programme has recently broadcast a phone-in about school transitions. You can listen again via BBC Sounds by clicking on this image.

However, young people (and parents) only develop new knowledge, skills and habits through repeated practice. So we must avoid robbing children of the opportunity to become more independent.

That does not mean taking a “sink or swim” approach. Instead we teach children in Year 7 and younger how to write Will Power Stories. Significantly, this is a specialised planning technique we use in our Me Power programme. By planning their days and evenings, children learn to identify their biggest challenges and how to start to overcome these for themselves.

These pupils explain how our programmes have successfully supported their school transitions.

Pupils, parents and teachers can work together to write down these challenges. Furthermore, this can develop and improve the way each child approaches lessons, homework, extra-curricular activities and everything else they need to adapt to a new school environment.

No child’s step-up into secondary school is easy. But by using techniques like Will Power Stories, we can take full advantage of the opportunities school transitions offer.

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Want to know more about the Me Power Academy? 

Me Power Academy – our easy-to-use online programme – can help families successfully manage school transitions. It is for parents and families who believe in children’s potential. It is for teachers, personal tutors and schools. Also, it is for further and higher education institutions.

The programmes are for every stage of education and life. They work on smart-phones, tablets and desktop computers. Above all, the programmes make life easier for families and education communities.

They help everyone to be healthy, happy and at their best in our challenging world. Significantly, this also includes helping families to overcome the challenges of school transitions. Above all, many users say they experience rapid, positive results.

Me Power was created by Dr. Jon Finn and the Tougher Minds team. Tougher Minds is an award-winning consultancy. Most importantly, they help people improve motivation and build helpful habits. They also help young people improve exam grades.

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