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To learn better concentration to improve revision and schoolwork, we need to understand how our brains function. When we pay attention to some new information, the brain stores it by growing new neurons. This is how learning takes place.

But our brains prefer paying attention to things that are new and exciting. So, in a classroom context, focusing on what the teacher says might not be as interesting as talking to friends.

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How can science helps us to understand better concentration?

Scientific studies suggest that our attention spans are becoming shorter. And it is becoming more difficult to focus in the way need to, in order to learn and reach our potential.

To help us understand more about how to manage our concentration, we use the idea of “the torch of concentration”. Just like a torch, concentration can be focused tightly onto something, or directed more broadly.

The torch of concentration - Better concentration to improve revision and schoolwork

We liken concentration to switching on a torch, to focus our attention.

Also concentration can be broken down into three parts. These are: alertness, direction and sustained focus.  For this blog we will consider the first part. Alertness is like turning on the torch and we specifically refer to this as activating our alertness.

How understanding activation can help better concentration to improve revision and schoolwork

To understand more about this, we also use the concept of the activation scale. If your activation is in the low numbers, you are very likely to be calm and relaxed. High numbers on the scale represent being excited, pumped-up or nervous.

In order to concentrate on work, whether in class or during private study, you need to achieve a certain activation level. Most people feel they need to be around 60 on the scale to concentrate for study. But some people need to be lower, and some higher.

Activation is important for everything that we do. And our optimal activation level will be different for different subjects, tasks and activities. These concepts are critical to developing better concentration to improve revision and schoolwork

The activation scale – different levels for different activities

Activation for Concentration - Better concentration to improve revision and schoolwork

For example to sleep at night you need a very low activation level. If you are at a 20 you will probably be too tense to drift off. To win a header in a football match you might need to psych yourself up to 90 in the scale. Any lower and you might not be pumped-up enough to make the challenge.

Remember, the Me Power Academy points out that everyone has an optimal ‘Learning activation level’. If you are not at your correct level it is very difficult to concentrate properly, and therefore learn and perform to your potential.

The Academy teaches a range of simple and practical skills to help you you achieve your correct Activation level as often as possible

Better concentration to improve revision and schoolwork – how can Me Power help this?

Me Power Academy is an easy-to-use online programme. It is for parents and families who believe in children’s potential. And it is for teachers, personal tutors, schools and further and higher education institutions.

It works on smartphones, tablets and also desktop computers. Above all, the programme makes life easier for families and education communities.

Me Power helps everyone to be healthy, happy and at their best in our challenging world. Significantly, this also includes modules on how to develop better concentration to improve revision and schoolwork. Above all, users tell us they experience positive results very quickly.

It was created by Dr. Jon Finn and the Tougher Minds team. Tougher Minds is an award-winning consultancy. Most importantly, they help young people succeed in education and improve their lifestyles.

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