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This blog will outline how we can improve learning.

The first step to learning new information is achieving the correct ‘learning activation level’. This is different for everyone and you can understand more about that in this blog.

You then need to focus on the information you want to learn.

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Focus to improve learning

When you focus on something you want to learn, you are using a very specific part of your brain. It is the dorsolateral area within your prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain helps you select what you focus on.

To focus on something for a long period of time you need to use another area of the brain. This is the orbitofrontal cortex, which is located behind your eyes. This part of the brain allows you to maintain focus and helps you to block-out distractions.

Learning can be broken down into some simple steps.


In order to learn new information you have to give the subject in question your full attention.

First you pay attention to the new information. For example, you might meet a new group of people and ask them their names. They are called: Thomas, Mark, Leanne, Martin, Elizabeth and Livvy. This information then goes into your short-term memory.

But if you don’t repeat these names within approximately 30 seconds, your short-term memory will dump them and they disappear without a trace. So how could we improve learning in this example?

Well, if you repeat the names before 30 seconds has elapsed, you start to turn this information into a memory. You might say the names to yourself again, write them down or say the names to someone else.

What is happening in the brain?

During this process, our brains begin to form neurological connections that represent the new information we have learned. The more we repeat the information, the thicker the connections become. We call this ‘cobwebs to cables’. However, if you stop using the information the cables will return to cobwebs, and eventually disappear.

This process is exactly the same for anything that you have learned, or want to learn in the future.  To improve learning, it seems that the most important factor is repetition.

Remember, to improve learning, you can repeat it by writing down the information, talking to someone else about it or saying it to yourself.

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