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What costs £5 and reduces arguments between parents and teenagers?

The fast-approaching Christmas holidays should be a happy time for households, but many families will be suffering stress and arguments over this festive period.

With important mock and entrance examinations taking place in January 2020, effective revision is vital. But getting children, especially teenagers, to put in the time they need is often challenging.

For £5, you can reduce the stress for yourself and your family this year.

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Buy an alarm clock. A simple standard alarm clock. Place it on your son or daughter’s desk and set it to the time you all have agreed they will start work.

Now the need to nag is reduced.

Reduce arguments between parents and teenagers

An alarm clock can help reduce arguments between parents and teenagers.

Take another fiver and invest in a kitchen timer – best are the simple mechanical ones that you twist to whatever duration you want.

Place this next to the alarm clock, and you have instantly reduced the need to ask your child how long a revision “break” is going to go on for, a source of many arguments. When they are taking a break, they set the timer.

If you want to know how long they have left, you can look at the timer instead of asking them. The potential for friction between parent and child is again reduced.

There is some highly robust science underpinning this use of simple household gadgets. Human behaviour is prompted by triggers in our environment. Our instinct is to conserve energy, both physical and mental. Parents will likely remember their own problems with procrastination when they were revising for exams in their youth. Our A.P.E. Brain®  will often not allow is commit what it views as precious energy to a task with little immediate reward.

As a result it is very important to support our attempts at behaviour change with external stimuluses. The alarm clock and the kitchen timer provide these and become the “revision triggers”. If you feel like you currently are the “revision trigger”, you should   outsource that work as much as you can.

The festive season should be a time for families to enjoy each other’s company. This Christmas, use these simple and inexpensive methods to help your children complete their revision more efficiently and effectively. Then they can spend more quality time with their loved ones.

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