About us

Me Power School Success is a powerful and effective online training programme for schools and families. Via a series of daily exercises it improves exam grades, boosts well-being, enhances resilience and helps all young people to be their best. It delivers results quickly. It is for every stage of education including prep, primary, GCSE, A Level, Further Education and University entrance and success.

It uses interactive video lessons with simple and practical daily exercises to help young people build important personal habits that improve their performance in education and life. It enables families to support and empower their young people.

For Schools & Families

Teachers can use School Success to support their pupils and monitor their progress and engagement.

Parents can use it in the same way, in the home, with their own children.

We have advised the Department of Education, and think-tank DEMOS on developing resilience in young people.

Our programme at Colfe’s School in London won Education Initiative of the Year at the Independent School Awards.

We have produced an exam revision guide for The Sunday Telegraph newspaper.

Me Power Academy and Me Power School Success were created by Dr. Jon Finn and the award-winning Tougher Minds team (including Professor Jim McKenna and Andrew Foster) to help more people to be healthier, happier and at their best more often. Tougher Minds works with business, universities, schools and sport.

The consultancy provides award-winning, practical, effective and highly engaging training to help everybody improve resilience, well-being and personal performance. For all aspects of work, education and life.

Tougher Minds’ programmes use the latest neuroscience insights and have been recognised for their effectiveness. This includes the Independent School Association’s Education Initiative of the Year award. The consultancy has also advised the Department of Education, and think-tank DEMOS on developing resilience in young people. The innovative nature and impact of this work features in national newspapers including The Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph.

Our award-winning team has a combined experience of over 100 years in supporting individuals and teams to be their best. We use this experience, alongside our own peer reviewed research, to help our clients achieve: Improved performance; Greater well-being; Enhanced resilience; Increased productivity; Increased innovation; Reduction in stress; Improved morale; Improved employee retention; Reductions in employee disengagement; Improved leadership development; Better performance under pressure.

Me Power School Success programme is based around six core principles:

Understanding brain function and building better habits

Boosting motivation and personal drive

Improving concentration, focus and productivity

Supercharging learning and exam performance

Controlling emotions and improving confidence

Planning for success in school and life