Family Case Studies

Case Study 1:

Supporting parents with children in Prep/Primary School to Year 13


Support parents to help their children and improve their own performance, in professional and personal life.


 – Understanding of how to help all family members be their best.

 – New practical skills to support children’s learning and academic performance.

 – Improvement in family Wellbeing.

 – Improvement in parents’ professional and work performance.

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Case Study 2:

Helping families to support young people’s transition to secondary education


Introduce the “Transition to Year 7” Programme to improve well-being and academic performance of pupils, as they move school years.


 – Pupils deal better with increased homework demands.

 – Pupils are more confident.

 – Pupils are better organised.

 – Parents/guardians report greater ability to help support learning.

 – Pupils and teachers implement new learning methods.

 – Pupils increase involvement and success in extra-curricular activities.

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Case Study 3:

Helping families support young people to improve exam grades (GCSE & A Level)


Increase grades, enhance pupil well-being and support parents to help their young people.


 – A grade by grade comparison of GCSEs showed that pupils who completed the programme improved 50% more per grade than their peers, from mock exams.

 – The pupils, who experienced the full programme over three terms, were six times more likely to achieve good to excellent improvements from mock exams to actual GCSE grades. Good to excellent improvements were deemed to be where a pupil shows an increase of one grade in six subjects or more.

 – Improved levels of concentration, motivation and personal performance by staff and students.

 – Improved learning habits among pupils.

 – Parents reported being better able to help their children learn at home.

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