For families

Me Power School Success enables families to support and empower their young people in their education and their lives, via daily exercises.

The engaging online format means families can gain instant access to the Me Power simple and practical habit building exercises, in their own homes, to develop resilience, combat exam stress and improve grades.

"The concepts, the processes and the techniques were very practical for my wife and I. It was applied knowledge with real things that actually made a difference." *- a Parent *

Young people’s usage of School Success can be quickly and easily monitored and evaluated by parents, via functions within the system.

The programme can also help parents improve their own performance and well-being in life and work.

Specific uses for the programme for families

For entrance & 11 plus exams: transition between schools/age groups, including prep/primary to senior/secondary. For exam revision & performance: GCSE and A Level. For University entrance including Oxbridge. For working life: employment/personal skills.

We also offer one-to-one coaching for young people and family members.