For schools, further and higher education institutions

Me Power School Success will enhance resilience, improve well-being, boost academic performance, and empower all pupils and students to be their best in the challenging VUCA world. It also provides transformative support to unlock the potential of underperforming or disadvantaged pupils and students.

It makes it easier for pupils and students seeking to achieve the highest possible standards.

"Tougher Minds empowers children to take charge of their own lives." *- Headteacher *

By enabling daily access to the powerful and proven Tougher Minds training programme, School Success offers a highly cost-effective solution to reach large groups.

Pupils and students who benefit from our training programmes improve many aspects of their educational performance significantly more than non-participants. This includes improved exam grades, enhanced concentration levels, greater personal resilience and improved behaviour.

School Success is designed to be used throughout a person’s education.

Pupil/student usage of School Success can be quickly and easily monitored and evaluated by teachers, via functions within the system.

Specific uses for the programme for Schools

GCSE, A Level, Revision and Exam performance, Transitions between schools/age groups, University entrance and performance. For pupils/students making the transition between prep/ primary to senior or secondary school, school or college/university.

Me Power School Success can be tailored for individual schools, further and higher education institutions’ needs.