Pupil Well-being and Performance Certificate

We live in a challenging world where it can feel more difficult than ever for young people to thrive and succeed.

Do you want to empower your young people fulfil their potential?

The Me Power Well-being and Performance Certificate for pupils is simple, practical and based on our award-winning Tougher Minds insights. It is an online training programme which is proven to help pupils:

– Build better sleep, diet and exercise habits
– Improve confidence
– Boost motivation and personal drive
– Be more productive
– Improve concentration
– Learn more efficiently and effectively
– Optimise revision
– Perform to their potential in exams
– Build small new helpful habits that make being successful easier

Pupils, parents and teachers give feedback on our programmes

Course length: 6 months (but it can be completed over a shorter or longer period of time)
Price: From £11 per pupil per month
For every stage of education: including prep, primary, 11 Plus, Entrance exams, SATs, GCSE, A Level, Further Education and University entrance and success.
Administration access: Track your pupils progress as they work through the programme

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